A different dimension of the food security issue

A different dimension of the food security issue is addressed by the story of Malehloa Sefao of Ha Rafanyane. Sefao narrated that compensation was calculated and delivered by the LHDA, ultimately cheated them as affected households. The bags of maize that they were offered by LHDA at the beginning of the construction of the dam were far bigger than what they are now being offered. The size of the bag of food supplies they were given has reduced. The bags are far smaller than they used to as illustrated in the picture below. The villagers were first given 50kg bag of maize and now it has been reduced to 25 kg.

Sefao then further noted that three women from the village by the names of Mateboho Motsamai, Mathabiso Mohobane and Manyatso Seafo used to run a gardening project but their garden was swallowed by the dam. These women supplied freshly grown vegetables from their garden which villagers now have to travel longer distance to purchase.

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Nkhono Manthabiseng Boi 

Nkhono Manthabiseng Boi is a 90 year old resident of Ha Lesaoana. Prior to the construction of the dam, she had fields from which she harvested several crops including maize, pumpkin, beans and peas. On average she harvested six bags of maize annually and now she is only receiving 2 bags of maize for her lost fields which she says no longer sustains her and the family throughout the year.

Nkhono Manthabiseng said she ultimately opted for cash compensation thinking it would change her situation for the better. Sadly, this did not help her situation at all as the M2, 000 she now receives as cash compensation still falls far short of meeting the food needs of her entire family for a whole year.

The famous and beautiful white gold of the mountain kingdom has left many landless and in great poverty wondering what tomorrow holds for them (hopeless).

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