SLC was set up in 2014 as a first public interest law centre in Lesotho dedicated to meeting the legal needs of communities that are marginalized and otherwise adversely affected by the Lesotho Highlands Water Project.

The work of the centre has grown since then to take in communities affected by other land based investments; including agribusiness activities and mineral resource extraction, especially diamond mining.

Our comprehensive and unique approach combines strategic litigation, advocacy, and capacity building of both our local client communities and the local legal system.

Our Mission

Seinoli Legal Centre’s mission is to provide communities affected by large infrastructure development projects with sustained, comprehensive access to the law to safeguard social, economic and environmental rights through strategic litigation, advocacy and capacity strengthening.

OUR VISION- Our vision is a democratic and just society where there is rule of law, protection of human rights and access to justice for all.

Our Core Values


SLC is committed to the highest quality of professional programs and services.

Public Interest

SLC embodies the highest standards of service and works within the wider community to enhance
societal good.


SLC shall seek partnerships that add value or complement its activities and shall ensure open, respectful


SLC will act with integrity, fulfilling promises and demonstrating honesty and ethical behaviour in


Seinoli Trust has no political affiliations or agenda.

How We Provide Our Services

Our Core services are delivered by a dedicated team of 6 permanent staff members.

Our Team works tirelessly each day to meet the continuing need for our service and ensure that our beneficiaries have the appropriate support they need to safeguard their resources, build resilience and hold government and project implementers accountable.

We meet clients in their own environment to make our service more accessible. This is primarily achieved through on-site community meetings which are locally referred to as ‘Pitsos’, workshops and one-on-one consultation process. The SLC also has a toll-free line which enables communities tocontact SLC officers free of charge to report grievances and other emerging issues that need to be brought to SLC’s attention and to seek information and advice.

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