Out of 9 communities, 4 are facing involuntary resettlement. Members of these communities during interviews by Seinoli Legal Centre expressed their concerns regarding the project which is just at its initial stage.

Mr. Maqebo Tsietsi from Mapholaneng opines that the compensation that communities are receiving is not fair and adequate. He states that the 86 cent/square metre compensation rate has been arbitrarily decided and has no basis compared to the harvest he gets from his fields. Communities are also complaining about the 50-year compensation period, claiming that the Land Act 2010 provides the right to use the land for 99 years. Therefore, they find the 50-year compensation plan baseless hence they reject it.

Community members pointed out that as a result of the project, they no longer have access to natural resources which formed an essential part of their livelihoods. They further expressed their concerns over LHDA’s unreasonable delay in disbursing compensation funds. Despite the fact that compensations are already inadequate, delays in disbursements further aggravate the chilling effect on communities.

The LHDA order of 1986 states that the Authority has the primary duty to ensure that the standard of living of the affected communities does not deteriorate, but rather is maintained or improved. The Order, read together with the Land Act of 2010 provides for prompt compensation even before entry into the property. This means that communities being affected are entitled to fair and adequate compensation.